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PAID: Periscope is seeking writers for a new immersive theatre show
Supported by City of Melbourne 

The decade has begun in unprecedented chaos. It’s a moment that has found us questioning our faith (or lack thereof) as we try to face an uncertain future. For some, the age old zodiac has become a light-hearted crutch; for others, a new religion (see here). Who hasn’t witnessed a fellow millennial “ironically” consulting their star-chart in an attempt to make sense of everything between their careers to the fate of the planet? But seemingly  kitsch appreciation for horoscopes aside, what do millennials really think about the stars in the sky?


Periscope are seeking to create a new immersive work comprised of 12 short works from great minds. In collaboration with 12 emerging writers of differing star-signs, we hope to create a portrait of millennials and their relationship with astrology.   


The Deal:

Each writer will be tasked with creating a 15 minute piece for solo performance. The brief is very open, simply use your own star-sign as a starting point. Consider how the work will be presented to audiences - we envisage each piece to take place in a small room with a very small audience (1-5 people) all of the same sign. If you are in a room of Leo’s for example  what do you want to share or discuss? 

Each writer will receive a $250 fee to assist with the writing and development process. Over zoom and email, our creative team will help you discuss and explore your idea. We will be working towards having a draft ready for a reading early August. If all goes well, we hope to stage the works at the end of 2020 (or in 2021 if we need more time). 


Who are we looking for? 

Playwrights, songwriters, poets, comedians, storytellers, solo-performers! We would love diversity of styles and perspectives. Ultimately you will simply create a 15 minute text for performance whatever style that may be. We will be prioritising millennial writers, and writers based in Melbourne. We are also committed to selecting one writer of each star sign. 


Do I need to ‘believe’ in astrology? 

Not at all! We are hoping for a diversity of perspectives on the phenomenon. Whether you despise horoscopes or if you religiously check your co-star.  


How do I apply?

Click here for our online form:

Applications due by 5pm Friday 5th of June





Any questions or queries? Hit us up! Email: