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A New Collaborative Playwrighting work - Coming 2022

A radical new version of the original play by Arthur Schnitzler, 9 playwrights will work in relay to produce a new series of scenes exploring intimacy is 2020. Originally written in 1897, Schnitzler’s work explored a daisy chain of sexual encounters. Taking the form of the original, our new version looks to explore encounters of intimacy after lockdown and a pandemic. Each writer takes the baton from the last, creating a new scene and adding a new character. The result is a round dance of writing - our first writer is met with a series of scenes and must take up the baton to unite the play in the final scene.


A New Play by Fiona Spitzkowsky

Scratch has a simple narrative: it is the story of an intimate relationship hollowed out and falling apart. But told through the layered tones of five voices speaking - it is an exploration of isolation in intimacy, and the embodied language of ‘madness’.

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