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by Ang Collins, Lewis Treston and Fiona Spitzkowsky

“This is undoubtedly a high-end, luxury piece of theatre, which wasteful millennials are certain to spend their money on instead of saving for their first home. Not quite as good as smashed avocado on wholegrain.”                                                                                                                                                              - Bernard Salt

Periscope presents a triple bill of brand new short plays commissioned for Meat Market’s Stables. This semi-immersive event will drop audiences into three unique works which confront the anxieties, frustrations and insecurities of the “millennial” generation.


May 31st - June 6th
Meat Market's Stables - 2 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne
Tickets available here:  


Dana McMillan, Conor Leach, Adam Garner, Toby Blome, Clarisse Bonello and Heather Riley 

Producer and Dramaturg: Thomas DeAngelis
Director: Benjamin Sheen
Production Manager: Sian Halloran
Set and Costume Designer: Elia Bosshard
Sound Designer/Composer: Jess Keeffe

Lighting Designer: Marty Shlansky
Additional music composition: CryClub
Promotional Photography: Sarah Walker

Support for the playwright's commission was received by a generous grant from the Seaborn, Broughton and Walford Foundation 

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It’s not just a trend—indoor plants are a new lifestyle revolution. Ash is a volunteer at Forest & Co.'s Huge Weekend Warehouse Sale. Nina is the Head Horti/Graphic Designer/Event Coordinator and ohmigod the DJ is late, not to mention people are already lining up outside. And as if things aren't hectic enough, Ash’s ex Kieran turns up and earths up the past while purchasing a new Monstera. This biting contemporary comedy takes a deep dive into an indoor jungle coming to a warehouse near you.

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Truth, lies and anime icons collide when Aussie backpacker Trevor comes up to American expat Adam’s hotel room. Adam can’t help but play mysterious whereas Trevor is too keen to strip out of his costume. What happens when truth and illusion have a one night stand in Osaka? 

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He’s the hottest ticket in the contemporary art scene, but the scene’s gone underground as the world heats up. The trucks are coming: everything of value will be loaded up, spirited away, preserved. He’s hoping when they come for his work, they’ll make room for him. And her, too. But she’s not so sure: when everything is priceless, nothing is for free. But hey, at least the gallery has air-conditioning while they wait.

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