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A contemporary reworking of the 1900 text of the same name being performed at Meat Market Stables, this piece explores intimacy, connection and authenticity in the face of a pandemic. Each scene is a 2 hander, with one character leaving and a new one entering each scene. The piece was written collaboratively by 9 different playwrights: Danish Sheikh, Thomas De Angelis, Fiona Spitzkowsky, Jean Tong, Amarachi Okorom, Georgia Symons, Vivian Nguyen, Jake Stewart and Ang Collins.

Rehearsal Dates: Casual rehearsals throughout Feb-March 2022.

Performance Dates: March 15th-21st 2022

Payment: This is an unfunded production. Actors will each receive (minimum) $250 honorarium plus profit share. We acknowledge the fee is small, so will work in consultation with all performers to flexibly schedule rehearsals around other work and commitments where possible.   


There are 9 characters we are looking to cast:

*All characters are open to actors of all ethnicities, abilities and gender identities


1. The Astronomer 

A 1st generation immigrant from a wealthy background, sense of otherness has led him to a career seeking solace in the universe. A deep sense of loneliness. (he/they) 25-35

2. The Delivery Driver and Writer - ‘David’

Adaptable, which makes him attractive to others. We often see him through other character’s lenses. (he/him) 25-30

3. The Carer

A strong desire for companionship, drawn to care work as it allows for closeness to others. (she/her) 25-35

4. DOG

Sibling of The Carer, a gig worker, opportunistic and driven. Happy go-lucky. (she/they) 20-25

5. The Politician’s Daughter - ‘Pez’

Brash, confident, entitled. Privileged, party hard now facing consequences (she/they) 20-25

6. The Ex - ‘Steve’

A feel-boi. Falls in love too hard and too easy. Constantly seeking real love and. (he/him) 20-30

7. The Producer - ‘Carly’

Asian-Australian. Bold, not shy, strong sense of self. (she/her) 30-40.

8. The Actor - ‘Bo’

Became an actor because he was told to, and then was good at it. Detached from himself. Wants to be loved but very alone. (he/they) 20-30

9. The Politician - ‘Bart’

Labour Party, well intentioned. Elements of aged-out earnestness. Kid in a suit who is disappointed in himself (he/him) 45-55



To express interest email and reach out with any questions you may have about the characters/production and process.

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